The Eurasian Hoopoe


Eurasian Hoopoe

The Eurasian Hoopoe is a colorful bird that is found across Afro-Eurasia. It is notable for its distinctive crown of feathers.

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The Eurasian Hoopoe is a medium sized bird, 35 cm long, with a 50 cm wingspan weighing 90 gm.

The species is highly distinctive, with a long, thin tapering bill that is black with a fawn base. The strengthened musculature of the head allows the bill to be opened when probing inside the soil. The hoopoe has broad and rounded wings capable of strong flight; these are larger in the northern migratory subspecies. The Hoopoe has a characteristic undulating flight, which is like that of a giant butterfly, caused by the wings half closing at the end of each beat or short sequence of beats.

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In the Himalayas, the calls can be confused with that of the Himalayan Cuckoo, although the cuckoo typically produces four notes.